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If you own a home or business in Bradford, ON, you can save money on your heating and cooling bills with the help of our window recaulking services, which we offer throughout the Toronto area.

We encourage those who own buildings, homes or otherwise, to get window recaulking at least every ten years, as preventative maintenance is always better than dealing with a problem when it arises. Although some window caulking may last for ten years or more, you may want to be conservative and have it done more frequently.

There are two main reasons that you will want to ensure that you get window recaulking done before a problem arises. The first is that your home, or at least certain parts of it, may become uncomfortable if you do not have your windows properly caulked. Gaps between windows and frames and frames and panes can result in drafts, which make areas close to them uncomfortably cold during the winter.

The second issue is that improper caulking means higher bills for heating and cooling. Hot air always moves into areas in which the air is colder, so when you heat your home in the winter, the hot air will escape through the gaps, which forces your heating system to work overtime. Not only does this mean higher energy bills for your heating, but it also means that your system is more prone to breaking down and will need servicing more frequently.

The same is true of your air conditioning during the summer. Warm air will enter your home, which means that the air conditioning will have to be on more, sometimes at a lower temperature, to keep your home comfortable.

If these problems have not already arisen in your home but it has been several years since you got new caulking, we would suggest that you call us to ensure that you have up to date caulking that will guaranty will last you for at least ten years. If the problems have arisen in your building in Bradford, ON, definitely give us a call immediately for the window recaulking you need to save money and be more comfortable.

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